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Holiday Gifting Bohemian Series Ernest Edaphos

Holiday Gifting

Elegant. Luxurious. Hand-crafted with care from vineyard to bottle. Ernest Vineyard’s holiday gift offering conveys gratitude with thoughtful, personal details and world-class wines that are limited in production and therefore delightfully unique.

Your gifts will be thoughtfully curated and elegantly packaged, all entirely customizable to your needs.

Bohemian Series Trio  - Ernest Vineyards
$320.00   750mL

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Bohemian Series Trio

The Bohemian Series’ stunning and varied bottlings reflect what rises to the height of exceptional while in barrel, for the most elevated experience of the vineyard and vintage produced by Ernest.

Single Vineyard Trio  - Ernest Vineyards
$200.00   750mL

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Single Vineyard Trio

These sophisticated, single vineyard Ernest wines were selected to highlight the unique qualities of cool-climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The perfect food pairing wines, sure to please any palate.

Estate Duo  - Ernest Vineyards
$110.00   750mL

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Estate Duo

The Ernest Estate is anchored in the heart of the Freestone Valley, an area defined by the cold temperatures and blanketing fog from the Pacific Ocean. The challenging growing conditions reward with wines of structure and restraint.

Edaphos Duo  - Ernest Vineyards
$80.00   750mL

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Edaphos Duo

A hand-selected duo of Sonoma’s unique varietals paired with our natural winemaking techniques: a refreshing Mediterranean beauty, Malvasia Bianca and the Grenache, an elegant Sonoma grown example of this Rhône classic.

Bohemian Series

Beginning with the 2019 vintage, Ernest introduces The Bohemian Series to celebrate the outstanding moments in the cellar from a particular vineyard. The Series will always embrace fluidity, each vintage will hold its unique inspiration and the varied bottlings will reflect what rises to the height of exceptional while in barrel for the most elevated experience of the vineyard and vintage. 

Bohemian Series Alder Springs Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 Bohemian Series - Ernest Vineyards
$125.00   750mL

Bohemian Series Alder Springs Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Dense and opaque with a deep purple color, it suggests a wine with a youthful expression of the varietal. Aromatically subtle with notes of blackberries, mountain pine, black plums, cedar and a touch of pepper. The palate is a balance of black fruits and structural elements, with medium acidity. The tannins are gripping but round and ripe in nature. This is a Cabernet made with a lot of restraint and with a clear focus on elegance.


For our Ernest labels, we use grapes from seven sites in all. Some sites are valley floor, some are on hillsides. Some face west, all are considered cold-climate. We work closely with growers and vineyard managers at each site to dial-in the farming to adhere to a style that maximizes flavor ripeness while keeping sugars down and acidity high. 

Henry David Vineyard Aligoté 2020  - Ernest Vineyards
$36.00   750mL

Henry David Vineyard Aligoté 2020
Bennett Valley

A brilliant pale-yellow wine with golden hues. Possesses a delightful, yet discreet aromatic profile, with notes of white nectarines, unripe peaches, lemons, and kumquats. On the palate, the mouthwatering acidity is laced with abundant sour orchard fruits. The texture is absolutely clean, crisp, and refreshing with no signs of creaminess or toasty flavors.The approach is naturalistic with the wine being bottled unfined and unfiltered, with minimal addition of sulfur.

Fallenleaf Vineyard Chardonnay 2019  - Ernest Vineyards
$38.00   750mL

Fallenleaf Vineyard Chardonnay 2019
Sonoma Coast

A beautiful bright and pale yellow wine, clear with shades of vintage gold. On the nose, a hint of white flowers, pears and pink lady apples with clear mineral notes of river pebbles and cut granite. On the palate a refreshing expression of the grape: a fruit profile consistent with the aromas and a pleasant acidity. The juicy and youthful mid-palate does not take away from the refined natured of this vintage. The finish lingers on the palate with a clean and thirst-quenching profile.

Joyce Vineyard Chardonnay 2019  - Ernest Vineyards
$62.00   750mL

Joyce Vineyard Chardonnay 2019
Sonoma Coast

Bright and clear, pale white-gold in color. Subtle aromas of flowers, sour apples, celery root and Asian pears, laced with intense mineral aromas and the hint of sea. Energetic, vibrant acidity yet finessed and elegant on the palate with the complexity of fresh tangerines and Meyer lemons, and nuanced salinity.

Cleary Ranch Chardonnay 2018 The Farmer - Ernest Vineyards
$46.00   750mL

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Cleary Ranch Chardonnay 2018
Sonoma Coast

Starry pale-yellow in color, cool-climate characteristics on the nose, including precisely focused pear, citrus and mineral. Decadent with juicy notes of baked apples, a touch of oak, and creaminess, but matched with acidic, youthful vibrancy

Cleary Freestone Ranch Pinot Noir 2019  - Ernest Vineyards
$58.00   750mL

Cleary Freestone Ranch Pinot Noir 2019
Sonoma Coast

Garnet in color revealing focused red cherry, plums, wild bramble, and undisturbed forest floor on the nose. The cool growing season delivers supple tannins framing bright, natural acidity and a purity of fruit traced with ginger and nutmeg.

Grand Vent Vineyard Pinot Noir 2019  - Ernest Vineyards
$62.00   750mL

Grand Vent Vineyard Pinot Noir 2019
Petaluma Gap

A crimson color with intense purple hues. The aromas are reminiscent of black plums and dried roses. A leafy quality followed by other deeper red and black fruits, both fresh and dried. On the palate, a juiciness to the quality of the fruit, accompanied by spice, and herbal notes of wild sage and black peppercorn. The acidity is bright, highlighting the freshness of the fruit. The tannins frame it all without being over the top. The power of the wine comes from its concentration and complexity of flavors.


In addition to Ernest and Eugenia, we own and operate a third label: Edaphos (pronounced ee-dah-fos). It means “base,” “ground,” and “soil” in Greek; we felt it was a good expression of our attitude behind this winemaking. We consider this part of our business to be our “laboratory,” the place where we make small-lot wines that incorporate new and exciting approaches to winemaking with different styles and off-beat grape varietals. Sometimes we also call it our “sandbox.” The Edaphos strategy enables us to explore, experiment, and apply some of the lessons we learn to wines we make under our other labels. It also allows us to produce different wines whenever we feel like making them.
2020 Petite Arvine Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$42.00   750mL

2020 Petite Arvine
Mendocino County

A beautiful pale golden color, aromatically quite subdued with subtle hints of minerals, melons, pears, and an indescribable alpine forest freshness. A palate of delightful elements and flavor compounds, ranging from honeydew, sour apples, sweet oranges, and herbs. A rare grape for California, it originally hails from the Vallais region of Switzerland.

2021 Malvasia Bianca Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$36.00   750mL

2021 Malvasia Bianca
Russian River Valley

Golden and opaque in color and appearance. The aromas are exuberantly floral and fruity: peaches, pear, honeysuckle and jasmine. On the palate it feels light and refreshing with a very low alcohol percentage, allowing the beautiful aromatic components to show up well integrated on the palate. There’s also a delightful intersection with citrus and zest, ensuring a bright finish.

2021 Ossum Epiphanea Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$32.00   750mL

2021 Ossum Epiphanea
Mendocino County

Lambrusco-like in color, this wine shows bright red fruit aromas with a hint of sun baked pebbles. It is light bodied, but demonstrates more complexity on the palate. There are some soft fruit tannins, married with savory notes of dried herbs and faint salinity. The mid-palate has notes of cassis and cola while the finish fades slowly leaving behind delightful candied cranberry and dried cherry flavors.

2021 Trousseau Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$38.00   750mL

2021 Trousseau
Mendocino County

Aromas of sour raspberries, bing cherries, ripe strawberries, and hints of apple cider. There is also a marked salinity mitigating the juiciness of the bright red fruits. Texturally, it is a light to medium wine with subtle, but dry tannins and marked acidity. The salinity is clear on the aromas as well as on the palate, making it the perfect food pairing wine.

2020 Pinot Noir Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$32.00   750mL

2020 Pinot Noir

A deep dark purple wine, with an abundance of floral and fruity notes. Crunchy red fruit interlaced with mountain pine and wild herbs greet the nose. On the palate, acidity is key, followed by very ripe tannins, creating a savory experience. It is juicy, but not jammy, as the acidity and brightness of the fruit remain quite persistent. The finish is dry and slightly rustic, showing the wild nature of the site and the great aging potential within.

2019 Grenache Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$38.00   750mL

2019 Grenache
Sonoma Valley

Dark purple color with blueish hues, slight opaque and greatly concentrated. The aromas are classic with an array of fruits, ranging from black cherries to black plums and ripe blackberries, and is followed by scents of dry earth and dried oregano. The palate has brighter fruits framed by some ripe but firm tannins. A good acidity permeates throughout with an assertive finish.

2020 Syrah Edaphos - Ernest Vineyards
$42.00   750mL

2020 Syrah
Anderson Valley

Appearance demonstrates the classic Syrah grape; dark purple with blueish hues - saturated and slightly opaque. Aromas are fruit-centric with blackberries, black plums, and cassis; followed by more mineral-driven notes of pencil lead, gravel, and damp soil, with a hint of tar. On the palate, medium tannins, toasty notes from used barrels, and a very focused minerality. A full-bodied wine, but with low alcohol and acidity brightening up the finish.